Helping your child with learning

Dear Parents and Carers,
These are unprecedented times for us all; none of us have lived through these times or even imagined that we would be living through them now, so please bear with us to ensure we get home learning right for you and your children. 
Right now we are all back in school, however we have started to prepare for any further lockdown scenarios by providing children and yourselves with links to online learning. The children will have a log in for IXL, this is a personalised learning platform for English and mathematics. Your child will be supplied with  log on via Class Dojo. Please do use this resource as it is very much similar to an online tutor. 
We have also provided links to other various online sites including the National Academy, an online learning resource which presents learning on a daily basis. 
Reading is key- reading everyday exposes children to a variety of vocabulary and the world of print. Reading longer books and novels as we grow older enables to escape from the here and now. Also read with your child or read to your child. This will be short lived, you wont be reading to them when they are older so make the most of it now. 
Please remember, we are with you every step of the way. Contact us via Class Dojo and we will be here to help you. 
Thank you, 
Alison McDonald