Welcome to Friends of St. Mary's School!
We are a fundraising group made up of both parent and teacher volunteers who work throughout the school year, to provide those little 'extra requests' and 'special memories' which can not be catered for within the school budget.
Our contribution is given because we love and care for the children of St Mary's and we want to make a positive impact on their education and well-being whilst at school.
We have been fortunate enough to be able to donate items such as tablets, bee bots, exam partitions, Christmas presents for children and high quality playground equipment, to name but a few, over the years and know these items have had a direct impact upon how our children are taught and how they play.
Events which we are organising this year include:
Summer raffle and grand prize
Bags to School
Coffee morning
School disco's 
Christmas Fair
What we can offer:
  • The opportunity for you to help your child and directly contribute into making their time at school amazing.
  • A chance to meet other parents.
  • An insight into your child's school.
If you feel you would like to join our group of helpers, please contact our Chair: Terry Hooper and Vice Chair; Hannah Marshall through the school reception or contact via the Friends of St Mary's School Facebook page.
We look forward to seeing you!