Children's University

The Children's University

You may be interested to learn that the school is an accredited Centre of Learning for Cornwall and Devon Children’s University. This is an organisation which recognises and celebrates the importance of out-of-school-hours learning. By participating in any extra-curricular activity that takes place within the school, your child is already building hours of attendance which can be recorded as CU credits via a ‘Passport to Learning’.


There are also lots of exciting activities taking place across Cornwall where children and young people can earn CU credits with a Passport to Learning.


Children’s commitment to learning is celebrated by recording participation in all aspects of voluntary learning through an awards system as part of the Children’s University. One credit is awarded for each hour of learning that takes place.


This term 10 children from St Mary's school have taken part in a Children's University Graduation Ceremony. These children have all received a Gold award for 100 hours of learning or Gold Certificate for 200 hours of learning or Gold Diploma for an amazing 300 hours of extra-curricular learning.  A massive well done to these children below.