St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Newsflash: We have some job vacancies at our school- please see the job vacancy section under our school. We are looking for an SEN TA and a meal time assistant. Thank you

Our Teachers

Mrs Alison McDonald

Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader, SENDCo, Health and Safety, Pupil Premium

Mr Tim Moran

Deputy Head and Year 4 teacher, Assessment Leader, Curriculum Leader, English KS2

Mr Justin Holmes

Year 6 Teacher, Mathematics Leader

Mrs Anita Morse

Year 5 Teacher, Science Leader

Mrs Lauren Langton

Year 4 Teacher, Music Leader, Languages Leader

Mrs Cathy Breslin

Year 3 Teacher, RE Leader, History Leader

Mrs Heidi Rogerson

Year 2 Teacher, Geography Leader

Mrs Lesley McNulty

Year 2 Teacher, PE Leader, Outdoor Education coordinator

Mrs Kate Horsley

Year 1 Teacher, Science Leader, English KS1 Leader,

Mrs Vicky Baker

Reception Class Teacher, EYFS Leader, RWInc Leader

Mrs Kelly Harper

Nursery Leader