St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Newsflash: Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family at this time. God Bless the Queen.

Our Teachers

Mrs Alison McDonald

Executive Headteacher, Designated Teacher, Health and Safety, Pupil Premium

Mrs Cathy Breslin

Interim Deputy Head , Designated Safeguarding Lead, Year 4 Teacher, RE, Assessment Leader, History Leader

Mrs Anna Cox

Pastoral Lead, attendance officer

Mr Justin Holmes

Year 6 Teacher, English Leader

Mrs Anishka Callaghan

Year 5 Teacher, Geography Leader

Mrs Heidi Rogerson

Year 4 Teacher, Computing Leader

Mrs Anita Morse

Year 3 Teacher, DT Leader

Mrs Lesley McNulty

Year 2 Teacher, Mathematics Leader, PE Leader, Outdoor Education coordinator, ECT Mentor

Mrs Vicky Baker

Year 1 Teacher, RWInc Leader

Mrs Kate Horsley

Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader

Mrs Kelly Harper

Nursery Leader

Mrs Lauren Langton