St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Newsflash: We have some job vacancies at our school- please see the job vacancy section under our school. We are looking for an SEN TA and a meal time assistant. Thank you

Support Staff

Mrs Susie Farmer

Senior Administrator

Mrs Jemma Andrews

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Shelley Landry

Pastoral Lead, SEND Support, Attendance coordinator, Safeguarding Coordinator

Mrs Eileen Corcoran

Year 6 Teaching Assistant /Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Gosia Rosinska

Year 5 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mr Tim Johnson

Year 5 SEND Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Miss Jane Morgans

Year 6 SEND Teaching Assistant/Breakfast club Assistant

Mrs Elaine McLaughlin

Year 2 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Helen Toy

Year 4 HLTA/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Maria Caro

EYFS SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ellen Brown

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lizzie Dalley

Year 3 SEND Teaching Assistant/Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

Ms Jenny England

Year 1 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Sue Blanchard

KS1/ EYFS/ Nursery Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Teresa Yeo

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Charlotte Henderson

Deputy Nursery Leader

Miss Natalie Pengelly

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sue Stokes

Cook in Charge

Mrs Jane Craze

Kitchen Assistant

Miss Nadine Milliner

Kitchen Assistant/Cleaner

Miss Angie White

Breakfast club lead/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner

Mrs Janet Howell

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Miss Jolie Thomas

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Belinda May

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant/Cleaner

Mrs Helen Causton

Wrap Around care/Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Kerri Rowe

Wrap Around Lead/ Teaching Assistant