St Mary's Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Catholic Primary School


Daily Practice Groups

As part of our school improvement priority to improve progress and attainment in maths across the school, we are working in particular on:
  •  Improving the children's math's facts knowledge.
  •  Developing the children's reasoning ability.
  •  Developing children's math's knowledge and understanding in other subjects e.g   science.
How are we doing this?

To ensure children have the best possible chance to reach their full potential we split into Daily Practice groups where these skills are taught and then developed on a daily basis for 15 minutes.

To support your child/ren with this, please access the objectives we use at school by asking your child's teacher for a copy of their target sheet.
We have a lesson dedicated to reasoning skills on a Friday where children can apply what they are learning using mastery and reasoning skills. We also use reasoning and mastery stickers in our marking.
We use MMS questions to further their reasoning within class (What if Not? / Visualise/ Do, then Explain etc).
We are currently constructing a new curriculum which ensures development of math's skills in other curriculum areas.