The Power of YET



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In assembly we heard about Gerald's 'YET' story. 

What can't you do YET that with some determination, confidence and practice you can achieve in time?


What CAN you do already that is something to celebrate?


Make sure you have added your 'YET' challenge to your class brainstorm and find out about what you need to do to turn your 'YET' into a 'NOW' with your class and people at home.


We will be celebrating our 'YETs' becoming 'NOWs' in future assemblies as well as in our classes!

Nurture at St Mary's
A chance for children to be listened to, interacted with and thrive within a small group setting: True to our vision to educate, protect, love and serve your child.
Our Nurture groups started on 17th October and the feedback from both children and parents has been fantastic. I have already started to receive requests, from parents, for nurture provision for their child/ren. Please speak directly to Mrs Drzymala regarding this. Thank you for your support.
St Mary's Prayer Space
We had a very successful week with all children visiting the Prayer Space, many more than once!  Our theme for the week was change.  The children experienced 4 different activities all linked to this theme - looking in mirrors at themselves, thinking about what they would like to become, thinking about changing our world and using playdough to change our feelings.

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