St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Bodmin)

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Newsflash: Sports days events for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 classes take place during the week commencing the 25th June.

Our Teachers

Mrs Alison McDonald

Acting Headteacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader, Assessment Leader, SENDCo

Mrs Alana McGovern


Mrs Lucy Draycott

Deputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Leader, RE Leader, Assessment Leader

Miss Jenifer Kite

Year 6 Teacher

Mr Justin Holmes

Year 5 Teacher, PE Leader

Mrs Cathy Breslin

Year 4 Teacher, Maths Leader, RE/ICT Support

Mrs Lesley McNulty

Year 3 Teacher, EV Co-ordinator, Wider Curriculum Leader, PE Support

Mrs Lauren Langton

Year 2 Teacher, English Leader, SENDCo Support

Mrs Kate Horsley

Year 1 Teacher, Science Leader, Outdoor Learning Leader, Achievement For All

Mrs Vicky Baker

Reception Class Teacher, EYFS Leader, RWInc Leader

Mrs Maria Anderson

CAST Headteacher Support, School Improvement, Assessment