St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Bodmin)

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Newsflash: Sports days events for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 classes take place during the week commencing the 25th June.

School Teams

At St Mary's we have four houses or teams.  These are named after local saints.
St Neot - named for the Saxon monk.  Neot is a saint of the 9th century who lived as a monk in Cornwall and died around AD 870
St Agnes - named for Agnes of Rome (c. 291 – c. 304) 
St Piran - named for Saint Piran or Pyran (Cornish: Peran) an early 6th-century Cornish abbot and saint, supposedly of Irish origin.
St Wenna (born ca. AD 472; died 18 October (?) 544) is a Cornish saint